What To Look For When Calling a Garage Door Company

 Having a perfectly functioning garage door is integral to keeping your house safe. And thus, choosing the right garage door repair or garage door installation service might seem like a daunting task.  Here we have a few helpful tips for you to make the decision easier.

Check Credentials

First and foremost, do not be fooled by companies that claim something they are not. Always be sure to check credentials before you hire a company.

  •       Physical storefront: See if they have a real workshop or a storefront or just listed themselves as a big company without any physical presence
  •       Testimonials and reviews: Take time out to read user reviews to get a better idea of the company’s dealings and service quality
  •       Accreditations & memberships: Every industry has a body for certifications and licensing. Check for the certifications, associations and licenses wherever applicable
  •       BBB Rating: Never underestimate the power of the BBB rating

Range of Services

  •       Adequate range: Thoroughly check out the range of services offered. A range too broad might mean lesser expertise in your required area, so look for a company that offers exactly the services that you need
  •       Local area services: Be sure to pick a local company. You never know when you might need an emergency call
  •       Emergency services: It is always a good idea to check if the company provides emergency garage door repairs or other services for your peace of mind
  •       Services for your model: It is a must to know beforehand if the company offers services for the exact model you have, to avoid any inconveniences later on


  •       Competitive prices: Services should be priced reasonably, according to the market and not too high for the value of the service
  •       Affordability: Even though a company may offer a huge range of services or boast of its premium quality, it’s always prudent to know how much you can stretch your budget, and check affordability
  •       Value-added services: If the company offers any value-added services for your money, it means they value their customers and will do anything to achieve customer satisfaction

Guarantees & manufacturer warranties

Hiring a company-approved dealer would mean that you have all the manufacturer’s warranties and a complete satisfaction guarantee. With a company like American Garage Door, you have the surety of complete customer satisfaction and warranty of the manufacturer for your garage door in Dallas services.