Which Garage Door Type Is The Best?

Depending on your driveway space, requirement and finances; you have the option to pick your garage door from a range of materials, styles, kinds and ultimate finishes.

The garage door gracing the entrance of your home is probably the most prominent feature of your home’s façade. It is also one of the most frequently used doors and thus needs being given its due consideration prior to getting one installed. The primary consideration is your space closely followed by the frequency and usage of the room.

As one of the finest companies in residential garage doors Dallas, below we have listed detailed or a ‘Buying guide for garage doors’, encompassing major garage door types and their advantages.

Garage Door Installation

1) Roller Garage Doors

When trying to maximize the space of your garage or making more room for cars at the entry point, this sort of garage door is a very practical option. These doors open up in a vertical direction and slide effortlessly into the garage area, thus requiring zero exterior room for swinging outside, creating the perfect solution for somewhat small driveways. Roller Garage doors in Dallas are highly suited for almost every shape and/or sizes of the entrance due to its functionality. Plus they can be obtained in a wide range of finishes, materials and colors for your taste and suitability of the front elevation of your abode.


Advantages of roller garage doors

  • Very easy automation
  • Frees up walls by opening vertically, thus maximizing storage space
  • Suitable for any shape or size of garage
  • Easy to be insulated with very good results


At American Garage Door, we offer all types of Roller Garage Doors in Dallas in a huge variety of materials and finish. For our complete range, check our online store and make your pick.


2) Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are a very popular choice since they are both sturdy and adaptable. They can be identified with the presence of 4 – 5 sections or horizontal panels, joined together via hinges. When you open these kinds of doors, the sections fold up on hinges and fit under the ceiling on a horizontal channel. With their already sophisticated mechanism, they are perfect for automation. Plus with their folding up style, they are a super space saver if your garage is smaller than usual.


Why choose Sectional garage doors

  • Very good security option
  • Low Maintenance and sturdiness
  • Excellent for insulation, with a good range of U values
  • Can be adjusted in smallest of driveways, requiring co clearing room and so maximizing      the space
  • Perfectly suitable for automated mechanisms
  • Crafted in a large selection of materials
  • Also available in bigger dimensions for much larger garages going up to as large as 8 meters wide
  • Sectional doors are mostly energy efficient
  • Our company provides a vast range of sectional garage doors for homes in Dallas, spoiling you for choices, when it comes to selecting the finish or material to complement the entire look of a home.


3) Up and over / Tilt up Canopy Garage Doors

This classically designed, up and over garage door is the most commonly practiced option with their simplistic design as well as suave operative mechanism, perfectly suitable for big garages with ample clearing space toward their driveways. Tilt up doors work on the pivoting hinge, allowing the door to extend outward, tilt up and go higher as soon as the gate is unlocked. Since they are typically made out of a single piece of timber, steel sheet, PVC or any other material you choose, they boast of higher durability, lower maintenance and a rather clean finish, along with much easier operation. Plus with one panel & hinge system, these may very well be the simplest to install and quickest to buy, thus making themselves a convenient purchase for most people

These must be attached to a ‘goal post’ style structure made of wood or steel. A torsion spring located above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame lifts the door panel using a pair of cables coupled to rollers on either side of the door to establish door balance.

They are also called counterweight doors, which means that they may be engineered to hold a specific level of weight, allowing for a large array of constituents for your chosen kind of cladding.

Advantages of Up and over garage doors

  • Easy installation and delivery, quick fixation
  • Provides excellent security
  • Equally suitable for manual as well as automated operation
  • Tried & tested scheme, with guaranteed reliability
  • Easy insulation
  • May be created in virtually every type of material along with a plethora of outer coatings
  • Affordable solution to any accommodation from conventional to contemporary, and to even more stylish

Call us today and let us help you on how to choose the best garage door for your home.



4) Tilt-up retractable garage doors

The Tilt-up Retractable type is somewhat akin to the tilt-up canopy design and operative structure; and is great for automation especially in wider garages. Having one retractable garage door means getting the most resilient structure of multi-tension springs on each side, steel arms for lifting, and the horizontal tracks also made in steel, to support significantly larger weights. The word “retractable” refers to the garage door panel retreating nearly completely into the garage while open.

  • Specifically designed for electric mechanisms thus making automation a breeze
  • Provides outstanding insulation, easy to weatherproof
  • Simplest operations
  • Most apposite for big garages more than 8 feet wide


If you are looking to buy a garage door for a wider garage, take a look at some of the best retractable garage doors at American Garage Door with many maintenance options.



5) Side hinged garage doors

Side Hinged Doors make a truly classic pick that open like a conventional double-swing door.  They are also ultimately user friendly for those with frequent foot traffic. There are now several double skinned options available in the market, offering a great choice of doors with safety, high insulation, and convenient operations.

More options are now possible for recreating the panache and elegance of these period-style doors with hinges, while maintaining up to the mark security, padding, and strength. You can also avail these high-end doors with variable security solutions and a number of insulation ratings, as required.

  • Allows an easy pedestrian entry, best when your garage is used for something other than a car parking
  • Stylish, conventional looks
  • Can be crafted with a range of  conventional and modern materials from Steel, to softwood and GRP to hardwood lumber
  • Delivers a truly remarkable insulation for garages used for playrooms or something else, with stated U values
  • Generally straightforward to install, especially when sold as a door set with a pre-built sub frame
  • Lower in maintenance, simpler in operation
  • Automation possible on every types and size

For this super secure and insulated kind of door, call us today and let us help you pick the one you want to fit your needs.



6) Side slide Garage doors

This slide to the side garage door is a textbook option for anyone captivated by the uncomplicatedness of the roller or section door and yet wishing to keep the maximum of space on their garage ceiling. As it opens up by sliding into a sidewall, one is able to optimally utilize the whole ceiling space to store big things such as surf-board, canoe or hang tools or bars. These doors also open up very gently, and provide access to the garage a little quicker.

Why choose side sliding garage doors

  • Excellent for walk-in accessibility and half opening
  • Offered in big sizes with minimal headroom requirements
  • The parallel folding action is idyllic when there is insufficient headroom unable to accommodate the other styles
  • Evenly balanced weight distribution mechanism makes for a smooth and effortless opening
  • Suitable for big and particularly large apertures


Common Materials for Garage Doors

Timber: Wood is the most popular option for its good looks and sturdiness. It is more expensive than many other materials and needs maintenance off and on.

Steel: Commonly used and inexpensive. Conversely, If not insulated properly, it might result in increased energy expenditures.

Aluminum: Very popular choice for manual type of garage doors as they are light in weight. Nevertheless, they are also more prone to damage.

Vinyl: Convenient for maintenance and aesthetically attractive. However, they can prove to be sensitive to extremely high or low temperatures.

Wood Composite: Low maintenance, looks like wood but available in limited options.

Fiberglass: lightweight, no possibility of rust or denting, but cannot withstand extreme temperatures.

Glass: Using a glass door for the garage has the biggest advantage of lighting up the space with natural light. It’s low maintenance, but it’s pricey. A lot.

American Garage Door tenders comprehensive selling, installation and maintenance services for all your garage door problems.  Feel free to visit our website and take a look at the variety of options available to suit your needs.