5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Door Inspected Every Year

Garage doors are the bulkiest moving part of your home. Unlike other doors, they also tend to be more exposed to the outside elements and severe weather conditions. And they are the guards to your precious possessions. So it’s only advisable to be aware of the wear and tear your garage door might be facing while you are snoring snugly in your bedroom. Just like your car or your heating cooling system, your garage door also needs an annual inspection even if you are facing no imminent problems. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


5 Good Reasons For Annual Garage Door Inspection

On average, a garage door is estimated to be operated about 1800 times per year. Overlooking its maintenance may lead to bigger problems. Here we take a look at 5 reasons why you need an annual inspection of your garage door.


  1.     Extend the life of the door

Just like your body, your car and everything else, garage doors work better and last longer if you pay attention to their health. This means that a regular tune-up will ultimately help you enjoy your doors in the best possible condition for a lot longer time and save replacement costs and effort.


  1.     Avoid any inconvenience or emergency situation

Having a functional garage door may seem like an ordinary thing, but imagine trying to open the door one day and realizing it is not working, while you have a million other things to do? Or being stranded inside with the door refusing to budge? Without proper maintenance, anything can happen from a motor burnout to springs snapping; causing you major inconvenience and hassle which can easily be avoided with proper tune-up calls.


  1.     Improve safety

The gigantic bulk of your garage door is a safety measure. But in case of an accident, this may become a safety hazard, if it snaps at the wrong time or doesn’t work properly and leave some space for intruders. To keep it all safe, take a bit of time at your convenience and get it checked. This is about your and your family’s safety.


  1.     Cut down on repairs cost and time

By investing a little into your maintenance visits, you can save a lot of future costs of repairs. Garage door repairs are not just expensive, but might also cost you some time, and leave you without a working garage door for weeks, in case of emergencies.


  1.     Maximize your warranty advantage

Hiring a regular garage door inspection team means you have the technical assistance that understands your warranty and can help you make the most of it. Get your garage door installed by American Garage Door and get any replacement part with a lifetime warranty for free.


Garage door annual maintenance service:

For regular garage door inspections and maintenance, always trust a professional technician. You may be able to identify the problem yourself, but for the times when you see no problem, it is better if you call up a professional as they can see the problems that might not be visible at the surface.

With extensive experience in the field, the technicians at American Garage Door are always here to help your garage door stay in mint condition. Call us today to get your doors inspected anywhere in Dallas and adjoining areas.